I was bored.

The test matches (in which Sachin plays) were over,
The political drama was not funny anymore,
Any movie failed to keep me occupied for more than 3 hours,
I had listened to all those songs on my computer, enough of times!!

so, I had every right to be bored…!!

And i had every chance of boring myself to death..!
Only till I found these two masterpieces!!

To be honest, I didn’t know that this fella was so fucken talented..!
I mean… Just imagine…. A person who is so busy with his land denotification job, coming up with a book and a CD.. That’s gotta be something!!

I have listened to this entire CD two hundred and three times already…(first fifty times… non stop!) And I must admit “I love all the tracks!!”

I still wonder how one person can be so shameless awesome…!!

I thought my awe towards this fella has reached it’s peak…!!
I was SO WRONG!!

Awmigawd! Awmigawd! Awmigawd!!
He can write a book too…!!
I spent no time in buying it as soon as the book was released and oh boy!! what a book…!!

It would just be an understatement if I say “I am enlightened!!”

But I have already lost my words!!