11 October 2010

This day in my life would always be remembered for one reason….. I experienced GOD..!!

I love cricket… That makes way for one more statement that doesn’t surprise too many “I am a BIG fan of Sachin Tendulkar!”

well.. let me explain…

This is what happened, Border-Gawaskar Trophy 2010, match 2, day 2…. I saw that my hero remains unbeaten on 44 at stumps…


a series of facts started revolving in my head and they started making sense when they were put together…

So I decided……

“I will be watching him bat tomorrow no matter if it’s only for an over or worse… one delivery… but what the hell! I will have watched him play right in front of my very eyes!!”

So, I made the necessary arrangements, reached the stadium, bought the tickets (yeah! plural..! I was accompanied by two of my friends), passed security check, found the right box, sat on the chair and… started waiting for the game to start.

and then it happened! I saw HIM walking to the middle, and before i could regain my own self… he had started batting!!

I was begging to see him play at least one delivery… he played many of them!! It was like a jolly ride!

scoring a fifty in front of me was a bonus!

the ride continues and in no time…

I saw him hit two consecutive sixers and score a century…

Oh boy! am i dreaming or what?

All I needed to see is him playing at least one delivery…. Little did I know that I was showered with blessings to witness him score that 49th one!!

And that’s how I experienced god!


fake intensified stare can not look more fake!!


The moment arrived… he started batting


and then he made a century!!

Long live the master!!